First Dive of 2022

Jul 31, 2022 | Leisure

This weekend was my first official #scubadiving adventure of the 2022 season. I’m happy to report a small but respectable haul of lobsters, including this very photogenic lobster that was kind enough to salute the camera.

Being the first dive of the season, there were obviously some kinks to work out – most notably doing a backwards roll off the boat into 57-degree water with an unzipped wetsuit. That will sober you up quick!

During the dives there was a significant amount of plankton in the water which reduced the visibility to around 5 feet and attracted several whales (and watchers). Luckily, we did not end up like Geppetto, or chopped up in a boat motor for the sharks.

I am extremely appreciative of the work being done by local nonprofits and the #blueeconomy and #bluetech industries to protect the health and wellness of our waterways and oceans. Because of their effort, I can continue to enjoy swimming with the fish and experiencing their habitat as nature intended.