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At Southcoast Financial Partners, our team of high-impact professionals and CPAs are focused on where you’re headed, not just where you’ve been. We create opportunities and transformational value for our clients by leveraging our firsthand experience and proven solutions.

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Startups & Emerging Technologies

Accelerate growth and opportunity


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Strategic planning for tax and accumulation of wealth

Why Choose SFP

The SFP Advantage

We offer a unique blend of experience and expertise that bridges the traditional gap between public accounting and private industry financial leadership. Having sat on both sides, SFP’s clients benefit from our well-rounded perspective. Whether you need regulatory compliance support or a trusted business advisor to help take your business to the next level, SFP’s integrated approach will help you reach your goals.

Entrepreneurial Approach

It’s important to move at the speed of industry. We understand this point very well and are committed to efficient and agile processes. We also know the importance of thinking outside the box and keeping an eye on the big picture. “Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”


Our team is uniquely experienced as both public accounting CPAs, and industry CFO’s and financial leaders of strategic high-growth companies. We bring both the CPA perspective and the CFO perspective to the table which allows us to advise our clients from many angles.

Transparency and Communication

Financial and tax concepts are often confusing and overly complicated. Our team is committed to demystifying these concepts for our clients and helping them better understand their finances and make better decisions. We do this through clear and frequent communication.

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