2022 Defense Innovation Days

Sep 1, 2022 | Established Business, Startups and Emerging Technologies

2022 Defense Innovation Days – hosted by SENEDIA

We are proud to be part of the 2022 Defense Innovation Days conference in Newport, RI put on by SENEDIA. There are few opportunities to get so many impactful leaders to share their thoughts on topics like global threats, climate change, workforce development, and equal opportunity. We enjoyed meeting many defense industrial base companies and catching up with many more! Thank you to the SENEDIA team for a great event. 

Key Takeaway for Small Business

“We are in the business of providing capabilities to the warfighter, and small businesses are the key to doing that.” – Jimmy Smith, Director of Small Business Programs

There are an increasing number of ways for small business to bring their innovative ideas to the DoD and receive funded contracts to design and produce new technologies, or make current technologies better. Initially doing business with the government is no easy task, especially as the base requirements continue to grow in areas like cybersecurity. There are also many nuances and complexities in government contracting itself – many standard clauses to read and understand, an often elongated proposal process, and a complex rulebook for how suppliers price products and services. However, once you make your way through the initial red tape and learn how the game is played, contracting with the government is very rewarding . The Department of the Navy (DON) currently awards $17b+ (yes, billion) in contracts a year to small business, and the department wants to increase that number substantially. There are 17 billion+ reasons why small businesses should investigate whether their services or products are interesting to government procurement. Our team is well-versed in doing business with the government in both DoD and non-DoD arenas, and recommend it to any small business.